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Our client has a job vacancy.
Do you know anyone who would be interested?

Here’s the message from – Robots, Fashion, and The Perfect Fit is a technology company that has been hailed as the new Skype for the Fashion Industry. creates the world’s first Virtual Fitting Room, which duplicates real brick-and-mortar fitting room experience.
Analysts believe that by 2018 – one out of four clothing shops will be closed due to the technology is creating – sales move to internet (as an example, “Borders” book-chain was closed in the UK for the same reasons).

You can be part of it. We’re are looking for a DATA ANALYST / DATAMINER
As data analyst you should:

1) Provide data to the investors;
2) Discover new data:
– Test user behavior to be able to help us identify where the users have the most trouble – help us build a better Virtual Fitting Room;
– Provide data for our sales team; create white papers, case studies – great stuff that sells; This requires knowledge and inventiveness to figure out which data helps to support the sales. Then it requires inventiveness to create this data;
3) Analyze body measurements database and do recommendations to the retailers (gap analysis);
4) Create testing environments.

Required skills:
1) Quick turnaround of simple research tasks
2) Basic Math/Stat skills
3) Prior experience with Google Analytics
4) Love to learn from books, blogs. Love to read a lot to advance himself
5) Discovery skills – Creativity to find answers through circumstantial data
6) Interest to listen to the team – gives ability to understand the big picture and how things really work
7) Curiosity and patience at one task
8) Writing skills (also fluent or very good English)
9) Ability to write the survey questions that do not skew the results
10) Basic design skills – how to make presentable graphics and understandable charts
11) It would be good to have some Ecommerce knowledge
12) Understanding the big picture, the system – holistic approach, ability to connect the dots
13) Ability to analyze the data using various technical environments: GA, Excel, comma delimited sheets, SQL
14) Experience in usability testing, including testing survey questions

Languages required: English, Estonian
Working time: Full-time work
Start date: ASAP
Location: Tartu / Tallinn
Position: Specialist

Contact information
Contact person Mats Leis
Telephone 56 900 007

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